11th Conference

Keynote Speaking

 Prof. Jentsje Van der Meer – UNESCO,IHE – Netherland – Update of the Eurotop Manual on wave overtoping 
  Prof. Magnus Larson – Lund University – Sweden – Modeling coastal Evolution from an engineering perspective

 Prof. Neelamani Subramaniam – Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research – Kuwait – Scientific approach for selecting optimal depth of burial of submarine piplines in coastal waters

 Prof. Charitha Pattiaratchi – University of Western Ausralia – Australia – Physical processes in the southern Caspian Sea

 Prof. Ioan Nistor – ​University of Ottawa - Canada – Tsunami Japan

  Prof. Michael J.Risk – Mc Master University – Canada – Biology meets engineering on the Iranian Persian

Dr. Elio Ciralli – Envitek Progetti e Opere srl / PIANC RecCom – Planning and Design of Rehabilitation of Industrial and Urban Waterfronts 

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