Foreign Students

PMO Travel Grant is intended to provide opportunities for students to become familiar with Iranian culture, and to participate in a professional academic event. In order to achieve international purposes, Ports & Maritime Org. of Iran provides a funding for some awards. You must submit your applications after sending your paper and receiving your confirmation email including an article code.


Foreign students are eligible to apply for a PMO Conference Travel Grant award if:

· The student has a good academic standing.

· The student has responded to a formal call for abstracts.

· The student has been accepted to present a paper at the conference.


· Priority of this grant is for the students introduced by a scientific committee member.

· If your article is accepted for overall/poster presentation, the ICOPMAS secretariat will contact you to inform about your grant.

Award Description

Traveling to Iran in order to participate in the ICOPMAS 2018, grants mentioned below will be covered:

· Up to  500 Euros for Asia and Africa.

· Up to 700 Euros for Europe.

· Up to 1,100 Euros for The Americas and Australia.


· Ongoing, complete applications, including the article code, must be received before the 21st Sept. 2018.

In order to participate in the 13th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures, Please complete the Registration Form.

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