Abstract Submission
  • To submit your abstract, first, sign up in the website. Second, log in to your personal account and click on "submit paper".
  • If you've forgotten your username or password, please go to ''login'' page, then click on  "Forget your ID/Password"  button and provide us the required information. New user name and password will be sent to your email.

It should be noted that:

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English using PDF format.
  • Authors must pay attention to the required formats for abstract submission: No 1. (excluding author name) and No 2. (including author name).
  • To speed up the submission process and to avoid errors, have this information ready:
  1. Your  abstract title
  2. Number and order of authors and collaborators (i.e. companies or universities )
  3. Draft of the abstract body
  4. Sorting Category
  5. Headings, Footnotes and Fonts
  6. References



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