1)       Hydrodynamic and Marine Engineering

-          Waves and currents

-          Tropical Storms and Tsunami

-          Sediment Transportation and Coastal Processes

-          New Methods of Marine Characteristic Measurements and Analysis

-          Study of Navigable Estuaries


2)       Port and Coastal Management

-          Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

-          Crisis Management of Marine Hazards

-          GIS and Remote Sensing

-          Management of New Generation of Ports


3)       Marine Structures

-          Design and Construction of Marine Structures

-          Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Marine Structures

-          Equipment and Materials for Construction of Marine Structures

-          Assessment of Manuals and Instructions for Marine Structures Design

-          Coastal Protection


4)       Channels and Navigation Roots

-          Design of Access Channels and Basins

-          Hydrography and Dredging Techniques

-          Navigation, Navigation Equipment and Aids to Navigation


5)       Safety and Marine Environment

-          Safety of Port and Channel Traffic

-          Environmental Effects of Construction and Operation of Marine Structures

-          Pollution and Environmental Challenges Due to  Marine Traffic

            -          Delicate Iranian Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
Ports & Maritime Organization
Ports & Maritime Organization
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Monitoring & Modeling Studies of Iranian Coasts
Monitoring & Modeling Studies of Iranian Coasts
Iran Marine Database
Iran Marine Database