Keynote Speakers

Alphabetical Order

Prof. Robert Kirby, Ravensrodd Consultants Ltd - U.K.
Lecture’s subject:
Twin related aspects of engineered mud suspensions for the NW European and Iranian port industry

 Prof. Magnus Larson, Lund University - Sweden 
Lecture’s subject:
Ship-generated waves and the effects on shore and bank erosion 


Prof. Han Ligteringen - The Netherlands
Lecture’s subject:
Port Development in the 21st Century

Dr. Jacqueline MichelResearch Planning,Inc- USA
Lecture’s subject:
A Comprehensive Approach to Oil Spill Preparedness – Planning, Response and Assessment​ 


Prof. Charitha Pattiaratchi, The University of Western Australia – Australia
Lecture’s subject:
Application of oceanographic drift modelling

 Prof. Michael Risk, McMaster University - Canada
Lecture’s subject:
Integrated aquaculture for iran: Avoiding pitfalls while preparing for the future

Prof. Dano Roelvink, UNESCO-IHE – The Netherlands
Lecture’s subject:
Predicting coastal impacts at a range of scales

Prof. Lawrence P.Sanford, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science – USA
Lecture’s subject:
Physical-biological interactions in muddy nearshore environments

 Prof. Jun Sasaki, University of Tokyo - Japan
Lecture’s subject:
Strategies and policies towards environmental and fisheries restoration in Tokyo Bay


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