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Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award Call for Application

The Recreational Navigation Commission has announced the Call for Application of Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award.

Extra contribution 0f ICOPMAS 2014 to the PIANC

11th International Conference on Ports, Coasts and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS 2014) which was held with participation of more than 1200 national and international experts has been mentioned as one of the significant events of 2014 in PIANC-Yearbook 2014.

Condolence Message

On behalf of the Ports & Maritime Organization of Iran (PMO) and the Permanent Secretariat of International Conference on Coast, Ports and Marine Structure (ICOPMAS), we would like to extend our sincere condolences and sympathy to Prof. Dean's family and scientists all around the world who have worked in the field of coastal engineering.

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