The first board of directors meeting for ICOPMAS 2018

    The Board of directors of International Conference on Coasts, Ports, and Maritime Structures (ICOPMAS2018) met on 6 September 2017, at ports and maritime organization of Iran.

    The first board of directors meeting for the upcoming conference with maximum attendance and the presence of deputy chairman and secretary of the conference has been held and different subjects related to the planning and organization of the next conference was discussed.

    Eng. Aliabadi, the deputy chairman of the conference, firstly welcomed the audiences and explained about the national and international importance of the conference.

    Then, Eng. Allahyar, the secretary of the conference  provided a summary of the holding report of ICOPMAS 2016  and a clear overview of the activities have been carried out for the next conference, ICOPMAS 2018.

    Consequently after discussion about the main issues related to the conference planning, it was decided that ICOPMAS 2018 will be held at the end of November, 2018 in Olympic Hotel, Tehran and the proposed subjects by the board of directors will be conveyed to the scientific committee for the detailed assessment.