Second day of 9th conference

  Presented papers at saloon A

  Prediction of wave parameters using support vector regression method - Maziar Golestani
  Prediction of dydrodynamic forces on TLPs at different angles of incidence - Ali Abrishamchi
  Effect of selected parameters on wave reflection from perforated-wall caisson breakwaters - Masoud Nazari
  Water wave modelling of coastal regions of the Oman Sea - Marzieh Mortezapour
  Analytical solution of wave shoaling based on cnoidal wave theory - Hadi Sadeghian

Keynote speeches

  PIANC activities - Dr. Louis Van Schel - General secretary of PIANC, Belgium
  Climate change effects on coastal processers - Prof. Charitha Pattiaratchi - University of Western Australia , Australia New methods for environmental monitoring: the record encoded in sofr corals and bivalves - Prof. Micheal J.Risk

Presented papers at saloon A (continue)

   ROV based condition monitoring of Quay wall bottom and maneuverability effect of vessels with large draft and thruster in Shahid Rajaee Harbour - Mohammad Reza Hedayati
  Development of an uncertainity insensitive health monitoring method for offshore jacket platform using model updating and fuzzy logic system - Ali Reza Naghashi
  Lateral Impact on Pressurized and Continuously Supported Offshore Pipelines - Hamid Arabzadeh
   Estimating wave-Induced bottom velocity in the vicinity of reflective structures - Parisa Poorsafari Yekrang
  Measurment and analysis of suspended sand concentration by waves in a rippled bed regime - Alireza Ahmari
  Application of fuzzu inference system in mooring pattern optimation of floating structures - Vahis Salmasi
  Control of Scour below the underwater pipelines in the unidirectional flow using bed sills - Shima Kabiri

Presented papers at saloon B

  Stress concentration factor analysis for uniplanar tubular DKT-Joints and proposing parametric equation for SCF distribution - Hamid Ahmadi
  Effect of additional braces on the SCF distribution along the weld toe of tubula KT-Joints under axial loads - Mohammad Ali Lotfollahi Yaghin
  Stability of multi-layer berm breakwaters - Mohammad Navid Moghim
  Application of Pile Integrity Tests (PIT) in pile length estimation of Imam Port old jetties -Kazem Fakharian
  Analytical assesment of effect of wave direction on hydrodynamic of perforated breakwaters - Iman Varjavand
  Assessing water renewal time scales, based on the distribution of hypothetical contamination for Chabahar Bay using three-dimensional modeling - Shaheen Babak
  Study of wave breaking type effect on current passing over submerged breakwaters and reefs - Yavar Padashi
  Determination of a plunger type wave maker in a towing tank - Mohammad Reza Hedayati
  2D simulation of a free-floating structure motions in waves of a flapping - type wavemaker - Roozbeh panahi

Presented papers at saloon C

  Conceptual synthetic modeling of Iran’s ICZM project - Mehdi Poorpeikari Haris
  Evaluation of ecological vulnerability of Hormozgan Coastal Zone by Using Spatial Multi Criteria Evaluation (SMCE) - Bashireh Bahremand
  Environmental ranking of ecological sensitivity of  Qeshm Island coastlines- straight of Hormoz, Persian Gulf - Masoumeh Roozbehi
  Classification and Evaluation of Creeks and Estuaries of Hormozgan Province - Seyed Mohammad Reza Fatemi
  Influence of environmental considerations on preparing ports master plans - Hossein Saadaei
  Imam Khomeini Port water quality analysis using regional physical & chemical characteristics - Maryam Rasouli
  Marine environmental monitoring by employing data buoy network - Andisheh Mohammadi

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