First day of 9th conference

  Opening Ceremony

   Report by secretary of the conference
  Speech by managing director of Ports and Maritime Organization and President of the conference
  Speech by IMO representative
  Unveiling of Iranian Model
  Speech by Minister of Road and Transportation
  Sea level acceleration: based on an analysis of tide gauge records - prof. Robert G.Dean - University of Florida, U.S.A 
  Coastal protection planing against sea level rise - Prof. Yoshimi Goda - Yokohama National Univerisity, Japan 

Presented papers at saloon A

  Wave climate hindcast for the Persian Gulf - Mohammad Dibajnia
  A sisxty year extreme wave analysis for the southern Persian Gulf, Hormuz Strait and Oman Sea - Scott. Rowe
  Risk analysis of Tsunamis generated by the Makran Fault on Iranian coastlines of the Oman Sea - Mohsen Soltanpour
  Variability of different wind forcings for hydrodynamic models in the Persian Gulf - Vincent. Thouvevnin
  Introduction to the Iranian manual on the use of rock in breakwaters and shore protection structures - Mehdi Shafieefar
  Dynamic mooring analysis of LPG export jetty in Kharg Island - Ahmad Shanehsaz Zadeh 
  Sensitivity analysis of jacket type offshore platforms against waveloading hazard - Mona Hezarjaribi
  Metalic dampers for retrofit of pile - supported wharves - Seyed Amin Mousavi  

Presented papers at saloon B
  Approximation and optimization of concrete diaphragm quay wall by using artificial neural network algorithm and particle swarm optimization method (case study shahid Rajae Port Complex development stage 2) - Iman Shivafar
  A study of the nonlinear stochastic and deterministic dynamic response of jack up platform with considering soil- structure interaction - Saghy Saeid Tehrani
  Investigation on the fatigue reliability of offshore platforms - Naser Shabakhty
  Application of geosynthetics in construction of static rubble mound breakwaters ;Case study Sadra Omid Chabahar Shipyard complex - Elham Mina
  Numerical study of tidal currents in Qeshm Channel - Alireza Arvin
  Analytical and experimental investigation of nonlinear resonant interaction between surface wave and interfacial waves - Meysam Fazeli
  Hydrodynamic in-line forces assessment on cylindrical members using wavenet method - Afshin Pourtaghi
  Prediction of scour depth near a caisson breakwater using ANNs models - Mahmoud Ramazanpour

Presented papers at saloon C
  Strategic management system in the new generation ports by BSC model - Mehdi Mostafian
  WebGIS of  Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Iran - Jalal Karimi
  Pricing Negative externalities on coasts through future bond markets - Ebrahim Negagdari 

Presented Workshop at saloon D
    Nanotechnology and it's implementation in marine structures - Deputy in Education, Researches and Technology Ministry of Roads and Transportation

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