1- Hydrodynamic and Sediment 
- Waves and Currents
- Tropical Storms and Tsunami
- Sediment Transport, Erosion and Geomorphology 
- Metocean Measurements and Analysis 
- Marine Renewable Energy
2- Port and Coastal Management
- Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
- Crisis Management of Marine Hazards
- GIS and Remote Sensing 
- Port’s Technologies and Management
- Coastal and Marine Tourism
 3- Port Engineering and Coastal Structures
- Planning and Design of Ports
- Design and Construction of Coastal Structures 
- Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of Coastal Structures
- New Equipment and Materials for Construction of Coastal Structures
- Hydrography and Dredging
 4- Offshore and Pipeline Engineering
- Design and Construction of Offshore Structures
-  Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of Offshore Structures
- Planning and Construction of Submarine Pipelines 
- Marine Geotechnics 
 5- Marine Environment and Safety
- Ports and Maritime Safety Management
- International Convention, Regulations and Rules 
- Pollution and Environmental Impacts of Structures and Marine Transportation
- Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

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