Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding between ICOPMAS Secretariat and ICOMSEA Association

    The Permanent Secretariat of the International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS) announced that a Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in order to expand cooperation with the Iranian Coastal and Marine Structural Engineering Association (ICOMSEA).

    As the Secretary of ICOPMAS 2018, Eng. Hamid Khalili announced that: “The aim of this memorandum is to develop and expand scientific and technical cooperation between ICOPMAS and ICOMSEA Secretariats and benefit from joint activities. The Duration of this memorandum is two years from signing date and it can be extended due to mutual discretion of both parts.”

     He also emphasized that according to this agreement; there will be bilateral advantages for both ICOMSEA members and ICOPMAS participants such as publishing top articles at the Journal of Coastal and Marine Engineering (JCME) and providing special grants on registration fees.

    The 13th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and marine Structures (ICOPMAS 2018) will be held on 26-28th Nov. 2018 at Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran.

    Further information will be available at ICOMSEA website